Tuesday 11th April 2017

Major Hosting Disruption

We experienced a serious outage where Transporters.io systems were unavailable for all levels of customers.

The data center where our servers are located suffered from multiple redundant power source failures which included the backup systems in place. Unfortunately this affected both our primary and backup systems taking our systems offline.

During the outage we were able to get temporary systems up and running with the previous days offsite backups and were able to offer this to customers who required urgent access to view their bookings.

Since this incident we have reviewed and upgraded our hosting infrastructure to include backup systems running 24/7 in 3 different continents. These systems are synchronised with our primary systems so could take over operation instantly with no risk of data loss. This is in addition to the multiple layers of backups that we already operate to keep our customers data safe.

Read more about this incident here https://transporters.io/incident-report-11th-april-2017/